Windows Phone 8 Support Statement

Due to browser limitation on Windows 8 Phone devices, IQMAX does not officially support usage of IQCommunicate on this platform. Users may experience the following issues when attempting to use IQCommunicate on a Windows Phone 8 device:


  1. Windows Phone 8 IEMobile version (10) does not consistently support swipe gestures in the IQCommunicate application.
  2. Windows Phone 8 IEMobile version (10) does not consistently render action buttons (Save, Done, Cancel) on application settings screens.
  3. Windows Phone 8 IEMobile version (10) does not consistently render new messages in the active conversation screen.
  4. IQCommunicate users attempting to use the attach photo feature will not be presented with an action to attach an image.
  5. Out of Application notifications on Windows Phone 8 devices are limited to email and text (SMS) only.
  6. Users are presented with the legacy login screen.
  7. Other inconsistent rendering and performance issues on certain Windows Phone 8 devices.


Microsoft has announced the release of Windows Phone 8.1 as an upgrade on June 24, 2014. This upgrade will be available to all current Windows Phone devices running version 8.0.X (release availability will vary according to device manufacturer and cellular carrier). Windows Phone 8.1 includes several upgrades and improvements; most noticeably the inclusion of IEMobile version 11. IQMAX will provide support of Windows 8.1 devices using IEMobile version 11. IQMAX will also target the release of a Windows Phone 8.1 modern UI application that will be available in the Windows Phone Store in Q2 2015.

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