How do I login to the application?

The first time the application is launched after installation it is necessary to name the device and connect to an IQMax system.

image003.png The first step is to name your device.  This name should be specific to your device and will be used if there any support needs.  It is important that this naming of your device be meaningful as it will be used to identify the device in the event of any support needs.
image005.png If you are connecting to the IQMax Cloud Platform and you are using the newest Mobile application you will need to enter M14 into the system ID box, and then select add.  If you are using an Enterprise System your system administrator can provided you with the appropriate system ID for your installation.
image007.png Once you have established a connection you will be presented with the Login screen.  At the login screen you will enter your username and password and select Login.  If you have forgotten your Username or Password you may select the appropriate option and will be directed to enter your email address associated with the account or your username to receive your login information by email.



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